Hi 👋🏾

I created my first “Hello, World!“ program in C++ when I was eleven years old, and I haven’t looked back since. When I build cool things using only a desk, a chair, a laptop, an apple (the fruit), and an internet connection, I feel a sense of contentment that I haven’t been able to replicate anywhere else.

As a software engineer, I have a lot of experience working on demanding projects. I’m quite enthusiastic about software development and am constantly interested in hearing about fresh project ideas.

I currently manage Starfolk, a software development consulting firm. I collaborate with governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and companies of all sizes at Starfolk to comprehend their concerns, design, and offer software solutions to cited issues. Additionally, I provide consulting services to software and data organizations to assist them in setting up of dedicated teams, management of internal projects, and business development strategies for their SaaS ventures. I also have two SaaS solutions available on the market. One is called Bizbooq and the other is Poolit, both of which may be found at https://bizbooq.starfolksoftware.com and https://poolit.starfolksoftware.com, respectively.

For independent contractors and small businesses, Bizbooq is an all-in-one cloud-based accounting program. The features of Bizbooq include tracking cash flow, simple invoicing, expense tracking, and robust reporting.

Poolit is a poultry farm management system that implies fewer paperwork, timely recordkeeping, and work order categorization for small- to medium-sized chicken producers.

I play soccer and make music in my spare time. I won numerous soccer championship medals during my time in secondary school. On my soundcloud page, there are numerous tracks. Some of which I’ve made available on Spotify and other paid music services.

If you’re interested in learning more about me, please message me. I am constantly excited to connect with new people and grow my network on LinkedIn.

Specialties: PHP, Javascript, Laravel, VueJs, InertiaJS, TailwindCSS, MySQL, SQLITE, CouchDB, PouchDB, MongoDB, Data-driven Applications, Civic Technology, Offline-first Applications and Dashboards.