Hi 👋🏾

👩‍💻 C++ coder since age 11, and still loving it! Building cool things with just a desk, chair, laptop, an apple (the fruit 🍏), and the internet brings me pure joy!

💼 Managing Starfolk, a software development consulting firm. Partnering with govt. agencies, NGOs, and companies of all sizes to create stellar software solutions! Also, helping software and data orgs with project management and SaaS strategies.

💻 Check out my SaaS solutions: Bizbooq (cloud-based accounting) and Poolit (poultry farm management). Bizbooq = cash flow, invoicing, expenses, and powerful reporting! Poolit = less paperwork, organized records for chicken producers!

⚽️ Soccer champion 🏆 and music creator 🎶. My soundcloud has tracks available on Spotify & more.

🤝 Let's connect on LinkedIn! Excited to meet new people and expand my network.

Specialties: PHP, JS, Laravel, VueJs, InertiaJS, TailwindCSS, MySQL, SQLITE, CouchDB, PouchDB, MongoDB, Data-driven Apps, Civic Tech, Offline-first Apps, and Dashboards.