💻 Things I've created in an effort to leave a mark on the world.

Over the years, I've worked on a tonne of little projects, but I'm most proud of these. Some of them are open-source, so if you come across something that catches your eye, consider checking out the source code to provide your contributions if you have suggestions for how it may be made better.

  • Anfani

    Anfani is a powerful beneficial ownership transparency platform that helps you connect the budget, contract, audit data and corporate sector actors.


  • Hosewire

    Hosewire is a website that publishes crowd-sourced reviews about Nigerian businesses.


  • Poolit

    Poolit is a poultry farm management system that help farmers manage their flocks.


  • Bizbooq

    Bizbooq is a plain, easy-to-use, yet incredibly powerful cloud-based accounting solution.


  • Laravel Gauge

    Gauge is a simple Laravel package that makes your models reviewable.


  • Laravel Kalibrant

    Kalibrant lets you quickly make your user and team models(and the likes) configurable.


  • Laravel Persona

    A simple package to manage user roles and permissions in your Laravel application


  • Laravel Pigeonhole

    A simple and straighforward package to categorize models in your Laravel applications.


  • Laravel Redo

    Make calendar events recurrable in your Laravel applications.