#NewSong: Anna's Song

(Spotify Link)[https://open.spotify.com/track/0OziOXe0ZtzQxoR88XQlKg?si=c946bf25497a4ef3]


Anna you see how very hypocritical you are?

Faruk that's a very strong word

Anna no that's very honest word

Anna if you dont want to accept it fine..but yes, i am calling you a hypocrite

Anna sorry, are we not, you know, human and our own people...like, you are who you are and i am who i am

Faruk you know you need to stop this

Anna these are the things you said Faruk...but, what, they only hold weight when its, you know, good for you

Faruk inaudible

Anna is that not what you want?

Faruk nope

Anna then i dont know what you want. you dont want me to tell you how i feel, you want me to tell you how i feel. what is it?

[Verse 1]

tell me how you feel so i know how you feel
im trying to make you see all the bad in the sea
truth in the pudding but im not with a bone
you scratch my feelings and i aim for the kill

i care too much, i hate too much
i dont let things out, i hold too much
got keys to my soul, no peace in my heart
i dont have a destination, i am on a journey

Im living in the dark, outside its so sunny
was picking your brains, why you picked me apart?
you drew me in and then you left me alone
and then we started speaking in monosyllables

staying up late wondering who you with
busy looking you up just to see where you been
i lost myself all in the quest to find you
its funny how things change in a short while

all that talk about doing it together, forever
i tell you how i feel and your face turns redder
love you like the fat kid love[sic] cake and shit
forever love you like the bad kid love[sic] breaking shit


feeling of feeling you
darling im into you


ive seen you cry, and ive watched you laugh
i dont want to break, i just want to make you
its got you in a prison, im only hear to rescue you

i am not the enemy, its hard for you to see it though
i truly understand it, my ways too sneaky
i tell it how i see it
you do not like the feeling, its hard for me to fake it
dont know how to break it to you...


feeling of feeling you
darling im into you


you're like a class cancellation on a monday
!@#$ music on a sunday, morning
that feeling of you letting me swim like teddy swim swim[sic] in our ears
okay thats !@#$%^, but you know what i mean