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Git: How to remove the remote origin from a git repository

To remove the remote origin from a git repository, you can use the `git remote remove` command. This command will remove the remote repository that is associated with your local repository.

Optional Chaining In Javascript(?.)

Optional chaining––in javascript––is a syntactic sugar that allows for the shortening of expressions when accessing chained properties in a safe...

State Management Using Vue 3.x Reactivity API

To control the state of the room––`number of people`––some of the people in the room will have to perform the `action` of, empirically, walking out of...

A Law That Helps You Write Loosely Coupled Functions

Coupling is the degree of interdependence that exists between software components. Tightly coupled components are harder to maintain, modify and enhance overtime. For this reason, it's good to write loosely coupled functions as much as we can through out the development of a software program.

Fortify: How to Disable Auto-login After User Registration

A noob mentality will have you thinking you can easily comment out that line and you're good to go. Well, you could do that and your code temporarily behaves as expected but what happens when you run `composer update/install` and your change is overridden––You are back to square one. You should never make changes to any code within the confines of the `vendor` folder.

Laravel: Hotfix for SQLite Drop Foreign Exception

Inside the TestCase class, create a function that calls the Connection class resolverFor method. It takes the driver's name as the first parameter and a callback as the second.

Too many commits? No worries, just squash them into one!

The principle here is, before you merge a working branch into the main branch, all commits of the working branch should be squashed into one single commit, then, rebased from the main branch.

Running Psalm With Github Actions

I have written about Psalm here. Here, I share my workflow for running Psalm in Github Actions:

Static Analysis With Psalm

Over the years there has been tremendous efforts towards development of automated tools and processes to prevent such catastrophic typos from finding their way into or making a home of our software code bases. Extensions of compiler technologies have been built to help us with automated reviews of our code.

PHP null-safe and null-coalescing operators

The null-safe operator supports method while the null-coalescing operator doesn't. The null-coalescing operator supports array while the null-safe operator doesn't.

#NewSong: Anna's Song

Im living in the dark, outside its so sunny. was picking your brains, why you picked me apart?. you drew me in and then you left me alone. and then we started speaking in monosyllables

When to use exceptions

If the record should have been in the database, then an exception can be raised. This is because something unexpected happenend - a record that your program expected to find in the database was not found.

Ruby: Lets talk Symbols

The idea of symbols in ruby speaks to the whole concept of immutable strings. A symbol is a unique instance of the `Symbol` class which is generally used for identifying a resource, that is, a method, a variable, a hashkey etc. It is *unique*, meaning, no matter where it appears in your program, a particular symbol have the same value.

Laravel: Easily Customize Email Verification URL

This is not something you'd want to do if you're building an application the traditional laravel way––that is, a monolithic app. I've had to do this recently while working on a project that has the backend and frontend existing in different code bases.


You are a beautiful girl but, not the most beautiful in the world and, certainly, not the most beautiful I've set my eyes upon. You are not the center of my world; You, hardly, are with the capacity to hold when my elements fall apart. And, in all honesty, my anarchist mind is wilderness for a queen. So, do I really think of you with every clock-ticking?


Am I wired differently? The affirmation of that would sound like a broken record. Everyone claims so about themselves. We have been led to believe the lie that our uniqueness is. We are one and the same - neurotic machines of flesh and blood.


Contentment is an island of ‘satisfiables’ in a sea of endless desires. It guarantees peace of mind. It could be one of those factors that must be present for one to be even considered on his way to true happiness. Moderating one’s desires and aspirations to guarantee inner peace is contentment; Something that is far away from the concept that is True Happiness. For happiness to be true, it must be absolute.